About „Druskos namai“ (Home of salt) 

Welcome to the world of gourmet salts. Salts of different flavours, colours, and textures are now at your fingertips. „Druskos namai“ offers you organic and high-quality gourmet salts. These salts have been produced following the highest-quality standards.

The salts are of a wide range from the furthest and most exotic places in the world, whether it would be a volcanic salt from Hawaii or salt pearls from South Africa.

Gourmet salts originating from different places in the world, such as the Himalayas, Hawaii, Peru, Australia, France, South Africa, etc. add an extraordinary feel and a sense of dignity to your food.

„Druskos namai“ was born from the passion for salts. Our aim is to be the best gourmet salt expert, and the supplier offering the most interesting selection of natural and organic gourmet salts.

„Druskos namai“ offers not only a range of highest quality salts for gourmet stores but also has the selection for HoReCa. The best selection of world‘s best gourmet salts has never been so close to you!

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